School Calendar

DateEvent Description
02-Mar-2023End of Session Break for Classes Nur- V.
03-Mar-2023End of Session Break for Classes VI-IX and XI.
13-Mar-2023Staff Meeting for the New Session.
22-Mar-2023Navratra Sthapna
30-Mar-2023Ram Navami
01-Apr-2023School reopens for the New Session for Classes I-X and XII.
Final Assessment Result and Distribution of book sets.
02-Apr-2023Boarders of Class XI return- 2:00pm-5:00pm
03-Apr-2023Shri Mahavir Jayanti
04-Apr-2023New Session Begins Nur-Prep
07-Apr-2023Good Friday
14-Apr-2023Ambedkar Jayanti
15-Apr-2023Inter House Squash Competition- Juniors.
Inter House Tennis Competition- Senior.
Inter House Shooting Competition- Senior.
21-Apr-2023Investiture Ceremony
Inter House English Debate Classes XI and XII.
22-Apr-2023Parshuram Jayanti/ Idul Fitr
28-Apr-2023Guidelines for Book Review Competition- Classes VI-X
Inter House Challenge Quiz-Juniors
29-Apr-2023Inter House Swimming Competition- Sub Juniors.
Inter House Tennis Competition- Juniors.
Inter House Squash Competition- Seniors.
Inter House Shooting Competition- Juniors.
29-Apr-2023Inter House Badminton Competition-Juniors.
04-May-2023Inter House ‘The Vocal Volcanoes’ Competition- Sub Juniors.
13-May-2023Summer holidays commence for Nursery-V
15-May-2023Summer holidays commence for Classes VI-IX and XI
22-May-2023Maharana Pratap Jayanti
25-May-2023First Periodical Assessment commences for Classes VI to XII (25th to 31th May).
31-May-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes X and XII for First Periodical Assessment.
01-Jun-2023Summer holidays commence for Classes X and XII
01-Jul-2023Staff report after summer break-8:00am
02-Jul-2023Boarders of Classes III-XII return after summer break 2:00pm-5:00pm.
03-Jul-2023School reopens for Classes Nursery to XII.
08-Jul-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes VI-IX and XI (First Periodical Assessment).
15-Jul-2023Inter House Squash Competition- Sub Juniors.
Inter House Swimming Competition- Seniors
15-Jul-2023Inter – House Badminton Seniors
20-Jul-2023School Foundation Day
21-Jul-2023Inter House Basket Ball Competition-Open (Evening).
22-Jul-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes Nursery-Prep.
Inter House Ekabhinay Pratiyogita-Classes XI, XII.
Inter House Dodge Ball Competition- Sub Juniors.
Inter House Swimming Competition-Juniors.
Inter House Trail Blaze Competition IX and X.
28-Jul-2023Inter House Tennis Competition-Sub Juniors.
Inter House Spellathon Competition- Juniors.
05-Aug-2023Inter House- ‘The Tech Talk’ Competition- Sub Juniors.
Inter House Artist Paradise Competition- Juniors.
Inter House Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita- Classes IX and X.
09-Aug-2023Visva Adivasi Diwas
12-Aug-2023PTM for Classes III-V for FA-I
12-Aug-2023IPSC Squash Championship for Girls’ (U-12, U-14, U-17 & U-19) (12th -14th Aug 2023)
15-Aug-2023Independence Day
19-Aug-2023Presentation by Class Prep
21-Aug-2023Half Yearly Assessment- Computers (Classes VI-VIII).
26-Aug-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes I and II for FA- I.
Half Yearly Assessment for Classes VI to VIII.
Second Periodical Assessment for Classes IX to XII.
30-Aug-2023Raksha Bandhan
07-Sep-2023Krishna Janmashtami
15-Sep-2023Inter House-Soccer Competition- Seniors (Evening).
16-Sep-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes VI to VIII (Half Yearly Assessment).
Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes IX- XII ( Second Periodical Assessment).
Inter House ‘Tana Bana’ Competition- Sub Juniors.
22-Sep-2023Inter House Box Football Competition- Sub Juniors.
23-Sep-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes Nursery-Prep.
Inter House Athletics- Juniors.
Inter House India @100 Poster Designing Competition Classes IX-XII.
Inter House IT Quiz Competition Classes XI, XII.
25-Sep-2023Baba Ramdev Jayanti
29-Sep-2023Inter House Soccer Competition- Juniors (Evening).
30-Sep-2023Presentation by Class KG
Inter House Robotics Competition- Juniors (Classes VI A and VII A).
Inter House Iconic Logo Designing Competition-Juniors.
Inter House Athletics-Seniors.
02-Oct-2023Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
06-Oct-2023Inter house Cricket Competition- Seniors (Evening).
07-Oct-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes I to V.
15-Oct-2023Navratra Sthapana
03-Nov-2023Founder’s Day- Juniors (Classes III-VI)
04-Nov-2023Founder’s Day- Seniors (Classes VII-XII)
04-Nov-2023Diwali Vacation Commences for Classes Nursery-VI
05-Nov-2023Principal’s Thanksgiving Dinner for staff and Aarkekians.
06-Nov-2023Diwali Vacation Commences for Classes VII-XII
16-Nov-2023Boarders return after Diwali break-2:00pm onwards.
17-Nov-2023School reopens after Diwali break for Staff and Students.
First Pre Boards Assessment commences for Classes X and XII.
Half Yearly Examination-Class XI.
27-Nov-2023Gurunanak Jayanti
02-Dec-2023Inter House Athletics- Sub Juniors.
Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes Nur- Prep.
09-Dec-2023Inter House Time Traveller Competition- Sub Juniors.
II Periodical Assessment commences for Classes VI-VIII.
III Periodical Assessment commences for Class IX.
15-Dec-2023Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes I-V for FA- III.
Parent Teacher Meeting for I Pre Board- Classes X and XII.
Parent Teacher Meeting for Half Yearly Examination- Class XI.
Boarders of Classes III-IX proceed home.
18-Dec-2023 IPSC Student’s conclave (18th Dec to 20th Dec)
23-Dec-2023Winter Vacation commences for Classes Nursery-XII.
06-Jan-2024Staff report after Winter Break
07-Jan-2024Boarders of Classes III-IX and XI report 2:00pm-5:00pm
08-Jan-2024School reopens after Winter Break for Classes Nursery-XII
II Pre Board Examination for Classes X and XII.
13-Jan-2024Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes VI-VIII (II Periodical Assessment).
Parent Teacher Meeting for Class IX (III Periodical Assessment).
19-Jan-2024Inter House Cricket Competition- Juniors (Evening)
20-Jan-2024Farewell to the Class of 2024
26-Jan-2024Republic Day
27-Jan-2024Presentation by Classes I and II
31-Jan-2024Intra Class ‘Calcus Clan Competition’- Classes III,IV and V.
03-Feb-2024Parent Teacher Meeting for Class X and XII (II Pre Board Examination).
10-Feb-2024Presentation by Class Nursery
12-Feb-2024Final Assessment- Computer (Classes VI-VIII).
14-Feb-2024Basant Panchami
17-Feb-2024Intra Class Maths Matrix Competition- Classes I and II.
29-Feb-2024Final Assessment Commence for Classes III-V
02-Mar-2024Final Assessment commences for Classes VI to IX and XI.
14-Mar-2024End of the Session Break for Classes Nursery- IX and XI.
23-Mar-2024Staff Meeting for the New Session.
31-Mar-2024Boarders of Classes III to X and XII return-2:00pm to 5:00pm.
01-Apr-2024School reopens for the New Session for Classes Nursery-XII. Final Assessment Results and Students join New Class.