The pioneer amongst the day boarding and boarding schools in the city, RKK is well known for its harmonious balance between academics and activities. The holistic development of a child is the hallmark of this institute.
We stand strongly by Our Motto "Schooling for life"

Pre Primary School
(Classes – Nursery, Kindergarten & Preparatory)

A child enters the exotic portals of RKK at the tender age of 3 years at the Nursery level and spends two more years in the Pre Primary section. Every moment is memorable as the tiny tots are led on to learning through activities. They are ushered into the essence of communication- the “Languages” through Phonics. They are nurtured in the ‘Stress Free’ environment of no Assessment or Competitions. Learning is made fun with a focus on Multi-Sensory and Motor Development.

Primary School
(Classes – I to V)

The bedrock of child’s development, RKK’s primary schooling prepares nascent minds for personal and social life empowering them to become sensitive and sensible adults of tomorrow. Our wholesome and comprehensive education add to their growth comprising mental & physical development.

Innovation, Self Exploration and Mass Participation helps to enhance the personality of the child. The CCA (continuous comprehensive assessment) system of evaluation is followed, whereby the students are assessed on oral and written assessments, projects, and creative worksheets. There are no formal Examinations. We believe in the Socio Cultural Development of each child along with learning through activity based curriculum- a system of value based education.

Middle School
(Classes - VI to VIII)

RKK is committed for preparing young children to become responsible global citizens and critical thinkers by offering a nurturing and supportive atmosphere to explore, learn and play. It provides exceptional education and care for young children. The school's child-centric approach prioritizes each child's comprehensive development through a well-rounded curriculum and experiential learning in a secure and stimulating environment equipped with world-class facilities. RKK imbibes self-confidence and critical thinking ability among young minds, improves communication and social skills of children and enables them to deal with emotional situations in daily life. It aims to identify students’ talent and realize their full potential.

Secondary School
(Classes – IX & X)

Based on CBSE Guidelines & NEP, Classes VI to X are exposed to the system of regular assessments through Periodical Tests and Final Examination. For the overall development of every individual, Academics are inter-woven with Activities, Field Trips, Excursion and Inter House Competitions like Debates, Quizzes, Elocutions at State and National levels. Class X also undertakes two Pre-Boards & a series of Practice Papers

Senior Secondary School
(Classes XI & XII)

The students are exposed to a series of assessments, practice papers and Pre Boards to help them in strengthening their academic skill through reinforcement and evaluation. Students have been fetching a cent percent first class in AISSE and AISSCE and have also earned laurels by getting the .01% Merit Certificate issued by CBSE year after year. The class average of each subject has been the best in Jodhpur. Not a single failure till date and 100% first class proves that the focus remains on each and every child and not a select few. They are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, workshops and counselling sessions along with academics, a process of learning for life. At the Senior school level, there are no designated streams. All subjects are available to students, and they can choose any, provided they meet the specified criteria for certain subjects.

National & International Accreditations : Being a student – centric school, children are kept at the center of all decisions and are empowered to lead. Multiple activities under the aegis of memberships like Round Square, AFS India, Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC), British Council, IAYP, MU20 School of Opportunity & Boarding Schools’ Association of India (BSAI) etc. open windows of exploration, showcasing the talent of our students.

RKK - where talent and knowledge converge : Excellence in Academics makes RKK an elite and nationally ranked school with excellent sports programs, strong alumni base, school culture, extra-curricular activities and much more because RKK's main focus continues to be on academics. The result of last 10 years where there has been not even a single failure, no supplementary, no second or third division but only first division and merits, is the testimony to our focus and passion.

RKK - where Success is Immeasurable and Results are Sustainable : The School Framework and School Calendar are designed to enable students to explore and reflect on their capabilities. There are following 30 Extra-curricular activities and Specialized Clubs in RKK

  • Chess Club
  • Rubik's Cube Club
  • Fireless Cooking Club
  • Creative Art Club
  • Dance Club
  • Self Defence Club
  • Zumba Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Squash Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Western Instrumental Club
  • Painting Club
  • Read n Act Club
  • IT Club
  • String Art Club
  • Jewellery Art Club
  • Western Vocal Music Club
  • Hindustani Inst Club
  • School Band Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Calligraphy Club
  • Reading Club
  • Baking Club
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Super 50 Debate Club
  • MUN Club
  • Home Science Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Hamara Prayaas Club