School Information


The Information regarding the Affiliated schools to be uploaded on the website
As per New Performa (Ref.CBSe/Aff./3A Circular/2016/1150672 dated 25.10.2016)

1. Name of the School with its complete address / Location with pincode (Strictly as per the Affiliation Letter)
i) Email :
ii) Ph.No. : 0291 – 2511461, 2511379
iii) Location in Longitudes and latitudes as per GIS : Longitudinal 73o1’ 27.51 E, Latitudes: 26o14’, 20.21 N
iv) Distance from Nearest Nationalized bank : 2 km
v) Distance from Railway station :  3 km
vi) Distance from Police station :  2 km
vii) Distance from Hospital :  2 km
2. Whether NOC from state/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained?
(i) NOC No. - SHIVIRA/SEC./G-5/21161/3/CBSE/JO.M./95
(ii) Issuing Authority : Deputy Director Primary and Secondary Education Bikaner
(iii) Whether the school is recognized, If yes, mention the Issuing Authority : Yes by CBSE
3. Year of establishment of school : 1992
4. Year of First Affiliation with CBSE : 1995
i) Affiliation No. : 1730082
ii) Year till which the affiliation has been granted / extended : 2009
5. Status of affiliation : Provisional
A Management Details
1. Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered under section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. : His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singhji Charitable Trust Ummaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
2. Society Registration No, Date and period of validity : 110  Date 13/12/1974
3. Name of members of school Managing Committee with their address / tenure and post held. : click to view
4. Name and official of the Principal / Manager / President / Chairman / Correspondent of the school : Mrs. Neera Singh (Principal)
(i) Address : Mrs. Neera Singh (Principal) Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Hanwant Vihar, Rai – Ka Bagh, Jodhpur.
(ii) Email :
(iii) Ph. No. : 0291 - 2511379
(v) Fax No. : 0291 - 2511461
5. Upload copy of the Non proprietary Charater Affidavit : click to view
B Infrastructure Details
1. Area of School campus
(i) In acres : 5.6 acres
(ii) In sq.mtrs. : 22700 Sq.M
(iii) Area of Playground : 6300 Sq.M.
(iv) Built up area (sq.mtrs.) : 18395 Sq.M
(v) No. of Building Blocks in the school campus including Hostel Block if applicable : 10
(vi) Details about any other branch of the same school nearby to the school : NA
(vii) Whether the School campus area is on a single plot of land or is running at 02 or multiple sites. : Single
(viii) Disclaimer : whether the school is running any other State Board School / Coaching Classes in the same campus, if yes give details. : No Not Applicable
(ix) Whether the school is an Examination Centre / City Coordinator for the CBSE examinations. : No
2. Facilities available in the school
  (i) Sports Facilities : Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Skating, Athletics,
       Aerobics, Zumba, Self Defence, Yoga, PT Drill, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Swimming, Shooting and Squash etc.
  (ii) Swimming Pool : Yes
  (iii) Indoor games : Yes
  (iv) Dance and Music Facilities : Yes
  (v) Auditorium : Yes
  (vi) Gymnasium : Yes
  (vii) Canteen Facility : Yes
  (viii) Hostels Mess Facility : Yes
  (ix) Medical and health dispensary : Yes
  (x) Teaching Methodology : Lecture cum Demonstration Method, Project, Practicals, I.T. Smart Class Teaching, Learning by Playing etc.
3. Details Physical Infrastructure (Academics)
i) No. of Classrooms and size : 53 Size : 20’ x 24’ each
ii) No. of Smart classes : 60
iii) No. of Library & No. of Books. 10770
   a) for students : 1      7770
   b) for Teachers : 1     3000
iv) Details of the Science Laboratories in the school
  a) Physics Lab : 01    13’6’’ x 15’9”    19’ x 52’
  b) Chemistry : 01     13’6’’ x 15’9”      19’ x 52’
  c) Biology : 01      13’6’’ x 15’9”     19’ x 52’
v) Details of computer Labs with no. of Computers in the lab :
Junior Comp.Lab : size – 22’ x 42” No. Of Computers : 33
Senior Comp.Lab : size – 18’ x 44” No. Of Computers : 35
vi) Mathematics Lab & Psychology : yes
vii) Geography Lab : yes
viii) Home Science Lab : Yes
ix) Biotechnology Lab : No
x) Labs related Vocational Subjects : No
xi) Information regarding internet facilities : No
   a) Wifi details with speed detals in MBPS:BSNL - 60 MBPS Earth Link - 2 MBPS
   b) Broad band Connection details with speed details in MBPS: BSNL - 60 MBPS Earth Link -2 MBPS
xii) Toilet facilities
   a) Boys : 7
   b) Girls : 175
   c) Staff : 15
xiii) Drinking water Facilities
   a) RO : R. O. System of capacity 2000 liters per hour is installed to all 33 drinking water points.
   b) Water Taps : 40
xiv) Barrier free access for the Physically challenged students : Yes
xv) Provision of lifts in the school in case of multi storeyed Buildings : Yes
xvi) Play & Sports Facilities : Yes
xvii) Staff room details for Senior Teachers and Junior Teachers : 3 staff rooms
xviii) Web based learning programmes / Facilities for MOOCs (Details) : Yes, 60 Smart Classes
  > teaching via interactive boards making classroom learning more effective
  > E-Notes and presentations prepared and shared by teachers
  > LearnNext, YouTube, Khan Academy other web based learning platforms
  > Science Lab app and kits for each child from class I to VIII
  > Research and Counseling for students via Univariety to help students in choosing stream and careers
  > Workshops on cybersecurity and social networking
  > Class Project made by students
  > Online Web Conferences for water conservation
4. Detail of fee structure : click to view
5. Safety Measures available in the school (Facilities)
i) Facilities
   a) Fire Extinguisher : Yes Total – 33
   b) Sprinklers : Yes Total – 10
   c) Fire Alarms : Yes
ii) Issuing date, Validity & Authority of Fire safety certificate : 1993 with no validity by Municipal Corporation
iii)Issuing date, Validity & Authority of Building safety certificate : 2018-19 to 2020-21 by Public Work Department 
iv) Issuing date, Validity & Authority of Health and Sanitation Certificate : 2018 to 2019 by Public Work Department & Municipal Corporation
6. Transport facility
i) Transport Safety Certificate: Yes
ii) No. of Owned School Buses (Big & Small) : 3 Small
iii) No. of Hired Buses : 11
vi) No. of Vans / Mini Buses / Matadors : 20 Magic Taxi, 39 Auto
v) No. of Vehicles available for staff (if any) : 2
vi) Private Cars for Principal’s / Vice Principal’s / Chairman & Staff : 1 each for Principal & Staff
vii)Staff / Transport Coordinator Details for Boarding and De-boarding of the school children : Mr. Jaswant Singh Champawat (Mo.No.7599107806)
viii) Number of drivers: 3
7. Details of transport facility Fee :
Upto 3 km distance from the school - Rs. 550 pm
For the distance of 3 to 6 km from the school - Rs. 700 pm
Above 6 km - (Rs. 100) as settled by the parents with drivers
C Staff Details
1. Number of Teaching Staff and Non Teaching Staff
PGT - 26
TGT - 17
PRT - 28

Particulars of teaching Staff  : click to view

Details of Non Teaching Staff
   a) Administrative staff No. 13
   b) Accounting Staff No. 03
   c) House Keeping No. 21
   d) Canteen Staff / Cook No. C.S. 41 Cook – 04
   e) Drivers No. 03
   f) Aaya / Day Boarding Care takers No. 58 Class IV
2. Details of the Salary being paid by the school to its teaching and Non Teaching staff

Designation PGT/TGT/PRT/Counselor etcScale of pay
Grade Pay
Grade Pay% of D.A.HRAEPF Contribution
PrincipalAs per 7th Pay commission, State Govt. Rule 7%16%As per Govt. Norms
PGTAs per 7th Pay commission, State Govt. Rule 7%16%As per Govt. Norms
TGTAs per 7th Pay commission, State Govt. Rule 7%16%As per Govt. Norms
PRTAs per 7th Pay commission, State Govt. Rule 7%16%As per Govt. Norms
14. Mode of payment of salary
(i) Name of the bank through which salary is drawn : ICICI BANK,PNB
(ii) Mode of Transfer of Pay (to be seeded with Aadhar Card) : Yes
D. Financial Report
i) Balance Sheet of last three years : Yes
ii) Audit Reports : Yes
iii)Copy of Reserve Funds : Yes
E. Other Vital Information
  1. Section Wise Enrolment of the students in each class per session : click to view
2. Courses / Disciplines offered at Sr. Secondary level : Humanities, Science and Commerce
3. Vocational Courses available in the school : Nil
4. Industries attached to vocational Courses, If any : Nil
5. Board Examination Results for 10th and 12th std. for last three years : 100% click to view
6. Franchisee or Non-franchisee Status : No Franchisee
7. Name of the Wellness teacher & CCE Coordinator : Mrs.Indra Shaktawat & Mr. Jaiprakash Narayan
8. Name of the Grievance / Complaint Redressal Officer with E-mail, Ph. No. and Fax No. :
     Brigd.(Rtd) Shakti Shinghji , Member Secretary Maharaja, His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singh Ji Charitable Trust, Jodhpur.
    i) Email :
    ii)Ph. No. : 0291 - 2511379
9. Details of members of Sexual Harassment Committee :
    1.Mrs Seema Malhotra Baxi (Head)
    2. Mrs.Neeta Johari
    3. Mrs.Sapna Gupta
10. Details of the Contact person in case of Emergency ie. Mobile No, Phone No. and Fax No.
    1. Mrs.Neera Singh(Principal) Fax No. 02912511461,2511379
    2. Mr.Jaiprakash Narayan(CBSE Coordinator) Fax No. 02912511461,2511379
11. Details / Calendar of the Sports Activities, Co-Curricular Activities / Cultural Events / workshops / orientation programmes to be organized for Students throughout the Academic Session. Display of the results of these activities. : click to view  &  Activity Schedule
12. Academic Calendar for the Student (To be updated as per the date sheet of the Board) showing details of Unit test, FA/SA-1/2, Semester Examinations, Pre Board and Board Examinations. : click to view
13. Period of Academic Session : March to March
14. Vacation Period : Summer : May-June, Winter : Last Week of December
15. Admission Details
    a) Admission Period: December to March
    b) Admission requirements : Birth Certificate, Previous School Mark Sheet & Transfer Certificate, Photographs
    c) Display of Admission Result : School Website and School Notice Board
16. 05 minutes virtual videography showing complete panaromic view of the campus, showing details of Classrooms, Labs, Library, Playground and other facilities. click to view
17. Photographs for Sports, Co-curricular activities, Events and workshops etc. : click to view
18. Details of Workshops and training programmes for teachers. : click to view and Training Program Detail