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Bursar (Manager Admin & Finance)    Open role/s : 1

Job Description

The Bursar is directly responsible to the Head of the School in the discharge of all duties and responsibilities.

Responsibility Areas –
A. Finance
B. Estate
C. Administration (includes Personnel)

Important Aspects of Work – Planning, Monitoring, Reporting


1. Prepare Budget in consultation with Head of School for approval of the Board. Present reappropriation budget and audited accounts to BOG
(budget by mid-February for the next Financial Year after getting the requirements from all Departments concerned, discussing the needs and priorities of the School with the Head of School, getting Estimates etc).
2. Collate budgetary requirements of all teaching/ non-teaching departments.
3. School Fees Proposals
4. Emoluments and Wage Bills Proposals
5. Cash flow – Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Balance Sheet.
6. Investments and Savings Management
7. Superannuation / Leave Encashment Benefits etc
8. Timely Statutory Returns
9. Audit of the School – Internal and Statutory
10. Rate Quotations – Goods and Services
11. Insurance Policies and AMCs

Monitoring / Reporting:
1. Efficient functioning of Accounts Department.
2. Fees/ Students’ Dues – and taking timely action in case of defaults. Communicate with parents about Fee Bills issues.
3. Monitor income and expenditure statements related to school budget.
4. Ensure expenditure as per Budget and Approved Schedule of Authority
5. Keep budget holders informed of their balances and ensure timely submission and clearance of bills.
6. Co-signatory for all payment to include salaries / wages, allowances, gratuity, leave encashment, PF as per statutory compliance.
7. Salaries, Advances, etc
8. Investments if Any
9. PF matters
10. All statutory compliances
11. Advances – to suppliers of goods and services and to staff etc.
12. Full System of Bursaries/Scholarships – including correspondence with Donors, Beneficiaries, etc.
13. Ensure adequate insurance cover to include employer's liability, buildings and equipment cover, personal accident, travel insurance and other relevant covers.


1. Campus Development and Capital Projects requirements (In discussion with Head of School)
2. Campus Maintenance: Assessing the needs and defining the systems – Grounds, Horticulture, Buildings, Furniture and Fixtures, Electricity and Water, Security etc.
3. Staffing Systems for Campus Maintenance – Hostels, Academic Blocks, Administrative Blocks, Playgrounds, Students’ Common Areas, Kitchen and Dining areas, Staff Residences, Hospital/Infirmary etc.
4. Rate quotations and timely Contracts / AMCs etc for Campus and Equipment maintenance.
5. Garbage Disposal systems
6. System of Feedback and Requisition Needs from end-users.
7. Water and energy management. Move to a green Campus.
8. Fixed Assets – Recording, periodic verification and reconciliation

Monitoring / Supervising / Reporting:
1. Periodic check of system of getting inputs and feedback from end users such as teachers, maintenance staff and students.
2. Setting up systems for periodic checking and reporting of condition of cleanliness, plumbing, electricity, sewage, garbage disposal, water supply, furniture and fixtures, horticulture, fire-fighting, security etc. of every area.
3. Procurement, Storage and Distribution of materials required for Maintenance.
4. Cleanliness and upkeep of the School; no wastage.
5. Support Staff accommodation allotments for the school employees as approved by the Principal.
6. Ensure compliance with the policies, protocols and SOP formulated for Estate Management.
7. Ensure efficient discharge of duties and responsibilities pertaining to Maintenance Department through the Engineer/Junior Engineer.
8. Aid boarding house staff for effective and efficient working of houses, regarding furniture, electric and mechanical repairs and stores.
9. Assist in provision of temporary infra for organizing PG, and events like setting up stage, parking etc
10. Oversee campus arboriculture. It includes landscaping and beautification during events.
11. Let school premises to outside organizations with approval of Principal.
12. Sports Infra -
• Sports Infra management including swimming pool and its plant with help of sports department.
• Ensure safety procedures are always enforced including during vacations. As and when Horse riding is introduced, the Bursar will be responsible for animal management, stables and riding school infrastructure in coordination within charge sports / Equestrian Department.
13.Mess Management –
• Responsible for the provision of nourishing and appetizing meals to students, staff, visiting teams and guests. In doing so he/she is responsible for following:
• Preparation of a daily menu in consultation with a dietician.
• Ensure high quality and standard of daily meals and for functions.
• Oversee the Mess Manger on catering matters.
• Mess hygiene and cleanliness and mess staff are free from infection.
• Periodic checks of Mess for compliance with Health, Hygiene and food safety protocols.
• Automation to enhance mess efficiency and reduce manpower.
• Provision of good quality fresh and dry rations and dairy products through seasonal rate contracts.
• Efficient waste management systems.


1. Manpower needs, recruitment and replacement
2. Travel and Transport for Staff, Students, School Guests etc.
3. Systems for Dealing with Vendors
4. Security Arrangements for the School
5. Leave planning for Admin Staff
6. Office procedures
7. Stock-Taking and Inventory Management of Fixed Assets
8. Public Relations and Liaison
9. School Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures – Upgrades and Procurement
10. Systems for Purchase and Stores Management
11. Staff Welfare

Monitoring / Supervising / Reporting:
1. Legal Matters
• Initiate steps to minimize legal cases by consulting legal advisors of the school. Pursue ongoing cases and update the Head of the School regularly.
• Process legal proceedings on approval by Head of the School.
• Follow legally correct procedures on employment and discipline.
• Prepare status report of legal cases for Estate and Legal Committee.
2. Security Systems
• Monitor upkeep, safety and security of estate and assets
• Ensure implementation of Safety & Security protocols as per SOP in school.
• Initiate appropriate physical security measures within the school for the protection of staff and students.
• Monitor school campus surveillance through CCTV setup.
• Establish coordination between School Security Officer and others.
• Maintain contacts with statutory authorities and other organizations.
3. Staff/Labour Matters
• Ensure compliance to all Office Orders
• Structure and update Job Descriptions of Non-Teaching Staff.
• Structure Admin setup in school, including appointments.
• Rationalization and optimization of the non-teaching staff.
• Ensure effective disciplinary and grievance settlement procedures.
• Organize an efficient functioning of the Establishment Office. HR Compliances and School Manpower Management:
• Guide Establishment Office on salary-related matters.
• Minimize ambiguity in service rules and minimize legal cases related to employment.
4. Medical, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation.
• Provide medical cover at school and during excursions:
• Oversee the Schools medical cover health and hygiene policies and procedures in practice.
• Responsible for the health and hygiene of students through housemistress and matrons and support staff.
• Ensure compliances with statutory health and hygiene regulations and certifications from time to time.
• Responsible for monitoring school sanitation and cleanliness.
• Carry out periodic visits to the school infirmary and monitoring adherence to health and hygiene standards.
5. Stocks and Stores
• Oversee management of School Stores.
• Annual Stock Taking of stores.
• Ensures adequate stock of all store items to include classroom and dormitories requisites and students’ requirements.
• Select new items for stores in consultation with the students and staff.
• Coordinate rate contracts with various vendors/ dealers for supply of stores through a board of school staff. The approval authority being Principal
• Monitor smooth execution of provisioning, accounting, store keeping and distribution system.
• Clearance of school store bills through accounts department.
6. Maintenance of Vehicles
7. Oversee official travel arrangements of students.
8. Maintenance of School Equipment
9. Disposal of condemned goods
10. Renewals of permissions, registrations etc.
11. Ensure efficient working of ERP and Information System viz online employee attendance, leave management and salary.


1. Coordinate arrangements for School Functions with Principal / VP and HODs.
2. Oversee Café/ Tuck shop on campus.
3. Oversee Salon. 4. Management of Guest Rooms and visiting teams’ accommodation.
5. Monitor the administrative complaint management system through the C-Tracker.
6. Project Management when new construction is being undertaken.
7. Correspondence and liaising with Government Departments and Local Administration.
The Bursar will also be responsible for any additional duties assigned by the Board of Governors other than those mentioned in the job description.


1. Ability to understand the needs of the school and to anticipate and plan well in time in all areas with effective, regular communication with the Head of the School.
2. Ability to set up systems/standard operating procedures, record them and communicate them clearly to all concerned.
3. Ability and knowledge of drafting Contracts, Appointment Letters, related documents keeping in mind statutory compliances and laws.
4. Periodic and timely hands-on supervision and necessary intervention of the financial and administrative working of the school.
5. Ability to inspire the team through knowledge, communication skill and hands-on approach.
6. Promptitude of reporting
7. Appropriate knowledge of Information and Communication Technology for understanding and preparing spreadsheets and necessary documents.
8. Appropriate and polite interaction with the school community, parents, govt. departments, alumni and the external community of the School.

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