RKK’s vision is to give our young minds the ‘Schooling for Life’, ‘Freedom to Contemplate’, ‘Endow them with Quality Education’ and ‘Holistic Learning’ to enable the school community to discover their latent talent and develop their skills for moulding them into confident individuals, responsible citizens and inspiring leaders.


Together towards a beautiful tomorrow……

RKK is a learning epicentre that provides smart futuristic education with competence and responsible social development that enhances and stimulates intellectual curiosity and critical thinking of children from a very early age. Pioneers of New Age and Progressive Learning, the school aims at taking forward good practices to nurture young minds to scale heights and prepare the students to enter adulthood with self - discipline, social awareness and reverence for the world. School’s motto is our guiding philosophy, propelling & igniting minds to be future ready for the world. Our mission is to deliver global education, guided by traditions and culture, strengthened by technology, safeguarded by values & ethics, overcoming all odds and challenges, breaking confines, obstacles and eventually records.


The first lessons in life begin
with a little start,
a push and a pull,
walking towards the edge.
At RKK, we are learning to learn
while facing life with inner calm.


Aanandini is the vision of our Founder, Her Highness Rajmata Krishna Kumari Sahiba that epitomises every girl who has successfully passed out, is a current scholar and will pass out in future as noble human beings and competent citizens. RKK aims at empowering girls through education and enabling them to make genuine choices over the kind of life they wish to lead. Aanandini symbolizes each and every student of RKK, experiencing the beauty of education in its portals, where the introduction of creative learning and teaching techniques nurture young minds to soar great heights.