RKK’s vision is to give our young minds the Schooling for Life, Freedom to Contemplate, Endow them with quality education, holistic learning, broadening their horizons, enabling them to discover their latent talents and developing their skills for molding them into independent and confident individuals.


Together towards a beautiful tomorrow……

RKK provides an education that enhances and stimulates intellectual curiosity and critical thinking from a very early age. The curriculum is structured in a way that enables students to become independent and responsible citizens. The school aims at taking forward such good practices.

It is clear that emotional stability, intellectual flexibility, sound judgement and genuine independence will be qualities vital for their future. Our aim thus at RKK, is to provide all our children with a well rounded education which will guide them to find their own path in life. An education that will not only equip them with skills and knowledge but also make them inwardly free, secure and creative adults. It shall always be our endeavour to prepare the students to enter adulthood with self - discipline, social awareness, wonder and reverence for the world.

In the years to come we wish to provide more opportunities of cross-culture exposure and internationalism in classrooms and outside. To develop a caring and sensitized ethos so as to to facilitate our students evolve into caring and achieving members of society. We can but be facilitators in this process, inspiring and coaxing, protecting and preparing, assisting and guiding our students and help steer their development.


The first lessons in life begin
with a little start,
a push and a pull, walking
towards the edge.
we are learning to learn
while facing life with
inner calm.


AANANDINI symbolized each and every student of RKK experiencing the beauty of education in its portals, where the introduction of creative learning and teaching techniques have soared great heights.

RKK aims at empowering girls through education and enabling them to make genuine choices over the kind of lives they wish to lead. That a girl might have the chance of a healthier and happier life should be a reason enough for promoting girl's education.

Aanandini is the vision come true of our mother Her Highness Rajmata Krishna Kumari Sahiba and epitomises every girl who has passed out, is currently here and will pass out in future.