Message from the Visionary Founder, Her Highness Rajmata Krishna Kumari Sahiba

Rajmata Krishna Kumari Sahiba

Message from the Chairman, His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh – II of Marwar

His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji

RKK School is the fruition of the noble thought of promoting girls' education in Western Rajasthan as envisaged by Her Highness Rajmata Sahiba.

The School is committed to the ideal of 'Schooling for Life' - which is based on the Principle - "the essence of intelligence is a skill in extracting meaning from everyday experience."

The vision of the Trustees & Board of Governors is to imbibe Indian values, traditions and culture while ensuring modern education so as to ensure that those who pass out of the portals of this institute can further pursue their dreams with confidence & elan.

I wish that the School not only grows in stature, but also in its command for dignity, respect, tolerance and commitment to furthering education and human rights.

His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji - II of Marwar
Chairman, Board of Governors (School Management Committee)

Message from the Principal

Mrs. Neera Singh, Principal

Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls' Public School is a premier institution that creates and disseminates knowledge. Upholding the highest standards, this is education tomorrow, in an environment of academic freedom, where minds meet, discover and learn. An assembly of some of the best faculty, equipped with outstanding infrastructure and teacher student ratio of 1:25 in each section is what makes RKK especial.

A measure of its success is the short span in which the organization has grown from strength to strength. At RKK, we value the consistent quest of cutting edge knowledge and are committed to fuel the intellectual curiosity of students. The strengthening of leadership traits in and outside the classroom expose students to challenging circumstances, stretch the boundaries and empower them to achieve their optimum potential. We arm our new generation with the Heart to Feel, the Head of Think and the Hands to Act.

The saga has just begun..........

(Mrs. Neera Singh)
Principal & Secretary, School Management Committee


Commendation letter from HRD Minister
Felicitated by the Times of India, Rotary Club of India and Lions Club.
Commendation from His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Marwar.
Certificate of Honour by CBSE.
Future 50 Leader Shaping Success award for the Principal of the Year, received at Amity School Leadership Summit.
EduLeader of the Year Award by Brainfeed.
School Leader Award for Teachers’ Mentorship by EduExcellence.
Award and Certificate of 50 + Effective Principals – 2022 conferred by Education Today in North Educators’ Submit & Awards 2022
Member of Governing Body of CBSE.
Executive Member of IPSC (Indian Public Schools’ Conference).
Awarded as The Elite 50 of Rajasthan - EDU ICONS of the year
Innovative Educator 2023 by Brainfeed.
Principal of The Year 2023 by Brainwonders.
A Model Educationist by The Times of India Jodhpur Plus.
Rajasthan Education Leadership Awards 2023 conferred by World Education Congress.
A proud inclusion in the Top 100 Principals by EU Media.
School Excellence Award- 2023 by Dainik Bhaskar.
Outstanding Leadership and Excellence by Karnavati University.
Outstanding Educationist of the Year awarded at Global School Leaders' Consortium by Global INSPIRE Awards-2023.
The Most Influential Educator of The Year 2023 by Education Today.
Inclusive Leadership by ScooNews.
Vidya Ratan Award by Promoting Achievements Foundation.