Posted On : 19-Apr-2022
School News


Lack of awareness about sanitary napkins is a huge health hazard in India. Sanitary Napkins should not be a choice. It should be a right for girls. It’s not a taboo .

Current data reveals that –

312,4 million women don’t get sanitary pads.

120 million girls experience menstrual dysfunctions.

23 million girls drop out of school annually because they don’t have period protection.

'Hamara Prayaas' project undertaken by RKK is a means to provide all underprivileged women a life which is free from whisper and fear. RKKians  are sensitized towards this issue. They make sanitary napkins to bring a difference in the life of all  underprivileged women. In this drive, Mrs. Jayshree with her team of two ladies went to a village “Judgaon”, 40 km away from Jodhpur city on Saturday, 16th  April 2022. They visited two Aganwadi in the village and distributed 150 packets of sanitary napkins (each containing 10 sanitary napkins). They could witness a smile and sense of satisfaction on the faces of all women.  RKK believes that - GIVE PADS, GIFT HYGIENE.