Posted On : 04-Aug-2020
School News


'Planting one tree means planting a whole living  system '.

Considering the manifold benefits of trees in maintaining ecological balance and most especially in lessening the effects of global warming,  RKK's dedicated team under the guidance of the Principal , Mrs Neera Singh,  conducted a  tree plantation drive on 31st July in Ramnagar Village.

Inspired by the objectives  of Round Square to contribute in preserving and promoting the environment, 101 tree saplings were planted surrounding  the temple and play area  of the village  in association with Rotary Club Padmini Jodhpur .The Drive was  attended by Mrs Seema Dey -Vice Principal, Mrs Indra Shaktawat- Dean Activites, former and present  Student Council members -  Rudrani Rathore, Madhurima Rathore and Yaana Jain from RKK and Mrs Rajshree Choudhary - former President and Mrs Sarita Lodha - current President of Rotary Club Padmini Jodhpur.