Celebrating 25 years of Execellence

For All Lovely Alumni …The Aarkekians
The roots of the present lie in the past.
You are our valued ambassadors and an integral part of our past reminiscences, present achievements and future hopes.
2017 is a celebrative milestone in the journey of our vision. Whether you graduated 10 years ago or 15 years, RKK fondly cherishes the good memories shared together.
An array of reunions has been planned for all the batches in different slots.
Plan and Participate. Do Join and Celebrate with us. Relive your school days. Walk down the memory lanes and be with your teachers, mentors and not the least your friends and classmates.
With Warm Heart & Open Arms… Portals of RKK await your enlightening presence.

Contact for confirmation / clarification : Alumni Coordinator on +91 7877511461,