Posted On : 20-Apr-2016
Cocurricular - InterSchool


The Daly College Invitational P.G. Miller Quiz, DF Jack Memorial English Debate and the J.K. Kate Memorial Hindi Debate Competitions were held from 14th to 16th April 2016 in Indore.

Ritika Bansal, Yukta Sharma, Padmini Yadav, Ridhi Goyal, Supriya Bhandari, Avya Dhariwal , Srinjana Deb and Nistha Laddha along with their escort teacher, Ms. Shaheen Selat comprised the RKK’s delegation.

The topic for English Preliminary Debate was, ‘Educational Integrity is a Myth’. RKK team qualified for the finals in Hindi Debate. The Quiz team comprising Srinjana Deb and Nistha Laddha qualified for the final scoring the highest. The learning experience was immensely enriching and enlightening.