Posted On : 12-Jan-2017
Cocurricular - Round Square


Round Square Annual Regional Meeting held at The Emerald Heights International School, Indore from 5th to 8th January 2017 was a perfect backdrop to meet, greet and catch up with South Asia and Gulf Region in mind and spirit. The Regional meeting commenced with an Opening Ceremony attended by Heads and Reps of about 40 schools from Middle East, Armenia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India. Mrs Neera Singh, the Round Square Head & Mrs Sapna Gupta, the Round Square Representative attended this conference. A highly motivating talk by Lama Yeshe Rabgye, the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony on “Mindful Awareness” was very inspiring and engrossing. He spoke in great detail on relevance of mindfulness in varied aspects. Articulate and synchronized, Welcome Dance and Folk Dance from Kerala were a visual treat. A professional talk by the Chairman of International Career Counselling, Mr Ganesh Kohli laid the importance of Career Counselling in the present day system.
Round Square CEO, Rachael Westgarth talked about diversity in education, focus on overall development, importance of inculcating sensitivity towards all and enhancing democratic and leadership qualities in children. The talk session was followed by the Regional Meeting headed by the Regional Director, Ms Papri Ghosh, the Principal of Indian High School, Al Ghubra, Muscat. The Principal of Chandbagh School, Nepal gave a presentation on the activities they conducted after the earthquake in their country. The Round Square Representative from Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh gave a presentation on the best practices followed in their school. Post lunch all the delegates headed for a leisure trip to Maheshwar.

Next day proposals and projects funded by Friends of Round Square were presented by various schools.

Indore Tennis Club, Shalivahan, Best Western Hotel, Narmada Retreat and Principal’s Residence served as great venues for Networking, Sharing, Learning and Bonding.

The entire Annual Regional Meeting was undoubtedly magnanimous with incredibly warm hospitality, outstanding standards – meticulously designed and executed.