Posted On : 04-Feb-2017
Cocurricular - Round Square


Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur had the honour of taking part in the first ever Virtual Conference held by the Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh which left a profound impact on the delegates, Shivambika Bhati, Rajesvi Deora, Mehaar Choudhary,  Yukti Panwar,  Ujjwala Kalia and Ritika Uttam on the 25th of January 2017 witnessed the Keynote Speech by Mr. Korvi Rakshand. His unwavering smile and optimistic approach left the audience with a deep sense of contentment. His words were definitely impactful as he covered a wide variety of topics and also tackled the broad and difficult topics of service to community, team building, leadership, etc. with great poise & knowledge. The questioning segment allowed the students to dig a little deeper & solve their doubts & they weren’t disappointed as Mr. Korvi provided the delegates with practical & professional yet heartfelt advice. As the session ended the delegates were left with a satisfied mind.

On the 2nd of February 2017, the delegates again settled down together to discuss their views with the others participating schools. It was the first Virtual Conference for the students. The professionalism & precision shown by the host school left them impressed. They were connected to the students of the host school where they discussed the topic of serving the community. Not only did delegates discuss their individual endeavour but also the efforts by their respective schools. After the barazza, the delegates took part in the bigger discussion on a larger platform.

The discussion ranged from leadership to understanding the underprivileged & allowed the delegates to understand the different perceptions. The discussion was intense & everybody was able to put their opinion. It also witnessed moments of heated debate which ended on a positive note as the students understood, how important discussing & sharing opinions are. The welcome feeling by the host school was felt till the last vote of thanks, as the delegates felt immensely happy to have had this experience.

These sessions were also accompanied by Poster Making, Art Activity, a visit to ‘Hamara Sahas’ - an NGO for the community service & an Adventure trek. 

The whole experience opened the students’ eyes to something all different to them. The technological advancements have seen so rapid and amazing that now students can interact freely without the barrier of borders.

This will be an impactful & memorable experience for all those involved, who we believe shall cherish it just as much as the delegates. Efforts of the host school and participating schools deserve immense appreciation in making this Virtual Conference a success.