Posted On : 18-Nov-2016
Cocurricular - Primary/Pre-Primary


“Creativity is the essence of life nurtured from a tender age”. To tap this talent, an Intra – Class Art Competition was organized for Classes I & II on 19th September and for Classes III, IV & V on 12th November 2016. Approximately 500 students with great zeal and enthusiasm took part and explored their creativity on the given themes.

Class – I – Design a Pencil
Class – II – Design a water bottle
Class – III – Design a Bag
Class – IV – Design a T-Shirt
Class – V – Design a Dress
The Judgment Criteria was - Drawing, Colouring, Neatness, Creativity and over-all impact.

Ingenious RKKians had a wonderful opportunity to think out of the box. Every piece of Art was beyond imagination.