To all my precious and lovely Aarkekians – Our real brand ambassadors

Hope all is well at your end just offering you a little update regarding the school.

Kindly keep yourself totally free on the following dates:

22nd October (Saturday) – Junior School Day – Time 5:45pm onwards

23rd October (Sunday) – Senior School Day – Time 5:45pm onwards

21st December (Wednesday) Christmas Gala – Principal’s Dinner for Aarkekians, our alumni and thanks giving for the staff – Time 6:00 pm onwards.

The RKK family will look forward to your presence on all these days. The formal invitation card (e-cards) will be mailed to the immediate 3 batches (2015-2016, 2014-2015 and 2013-2014).

Please treat this mail as a formal invitation to all of you for whom the gates of RKK would always be open. Your achievements are the achievements of RKK. For any further queries please contact Esha Ma’am (P.R.O). Also do have a look at the school website ( and soon we are going to introduce an Alumini section on our website where you will be registering yourself and will be able to get all the updates and news. Kindly share your latest information on the form which will be provided there and this will be the ONLY official way from the school to keep in touch with our Aarkekians. Kindly update your information (to be done by all) and send it to

God bless!!!

Mrs. Neera Singh